Patriots vs. Packers – Second Quarter Review

Let’s just hope Jonas Gray sets his alarm clock on Monday.  The guy who single handily murdered the Colts scampered for a fifty-five yard run down the sidelines to put the Patriots up 8-3.   Gray ran in the ensuing two point conversion. The second string Green Bay offense struggled and wasn’t able to produce more than a first down or two, handing the ball back over to the Patriots.   With Jimmy G at the helm, the Patriot’s drive stalled deep in their own territory with a breakdown on the offensive line allowing a sack on Jimmy G.  The Packers dinked and dunked downfield setting up a third and eight just over midfield.  Green Bay seems to have left their punter at the airport and made Logan Ryan look like Meg Ryan, getting beat on the go route for a Green Bay touchdown.  Green Bay missed the two point conversion, taking a 9-8 lead.  Jimmy G hit James White on a nice little screen pass, but almost coughed the ball up with a poorly under-thrown pass.  This forced the Patriots to punt, pinning the Packers at their twenty.  The Packers seemed to continue treating this like a Madden game going for it yet again on fourth down, this time failing to convert.  This put the Patriots in decent field position at the tail end of the first half, setting up perfectly for the two-minute offense.  Jimmy G under-threw Boyce for the third time, barely avoiding an interception, causing the Patriots to settle for a 56 yard field goal attempt.   Gostkowski smashed the field goal through the uprights, giving the Patriots an 11-9 lead at the half.

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