An Undefeated Season? Be Careful What You Wish For Patriots Fans

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The New England Patriots throughout their first three games of the season have proven that their, “Scorched Earth Tour” is no joke. They are eviscerating opponents on offense each week, and Tom Brady looks as good as ever. Due to all the offseason drama that unfolded, and all the scrutiny that was pointed directly at the star quarterback, along with the team’s dominance thus far, members of Patriots Nation are drawing direct comparisons to the 2007 season in which the team pulled off the first 16-0 regular season in league history.

In 2007, the Patriots started off hotter than any team ever has in league history. They won their first eight games by a combined average of twenty-six points a week, scoring an average of forty-one points per game. It was outstanding to watch as a Patriots fan, especially given all of the spy gate allegations after week one of that season. However, it was obvious by year’s end that the team had peaked to early, and the stress of the season caused the team to slow down, down the stretch.

New England Patriots' Dion Lewis, right, celebrates with Rob Gronkowski (87) after rushing for a touchdown during the first half against the Bills, (AP Photo/Bill Wippert)
New England Patriots’ Dion Lewis, right, celebrates with Rob Gronkowski (87) after rushing for a touchdown during the first half against the Bills, (AP Photo/Bill Wippert)

In the second half of the season the team barely squeaked by the 8-8 Eagles and 5-11 Ravens in back to back weeks. In the end, all fans remember what happened in Super Bowl XLII. The New York Giants controlled most of the game, and the Patriots could not come up with the defensive plays to finish the job.

Thus far this season, media correspondents and fans alike of the Patriots are already predicting an undefeated regular season, which is moronic to do after three weeks. It is virtually impossible to predict how teams will fare at the end of the season, after only seeing one month of action. Last year at this time, the Patriots were considered one of the league’s worst teams.

“Their a weak team, their not good anymore.” Those were the famed words of one Trent Dilfer of ESPN, after the Patriots were destroyed in Kansas City on Monday Night Football last September. In addition, mid way through last year, many also believed that the Seattle Seahawks were in the dumpster. They quickly answered those doubts by going on a run of dominance to end the season.

Not only is an undefeated season far out of reach, it takes a massive toll on the team as whole. Many former players and members of the 2007 Patriots team have commented on the stress that built throughout the season, and how it finally hitting a tipping point during Super Bowl week. I can only speak to it as a fan, and you could tell that things seemed tense towards the end of that year. The last thing you want as a fan is to go up against another team, like the Giants, that has nothing to lose on the biggest stage.

Also, if the team were to go undefeated and lose again in the postseason it would for sure be considered a blemish on Tom Brady and Bill Belichick legacies. I don’t agree with it, that is just how it would be perceived. Therefore, if the team gets off to say a 10-0 start, it might not be a terrible thing if they drop a game or two down the stretch.

Fellow Gazette writer Bob Snowdon has a similar piece up today titled, “A Juggernaut, Still Too Early To Tell.”

2 thoughts on “An Undefeated Season? Be Careful What You Wish For Patriots Fans”

  1. I remember all too well what happened the LAST TIME. It will be alright if they lose a game or two. It’s more important to me to see the team get to the SB HEALTHY.


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