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Ex-NFLer Donovan McNabb: Heading Down Slippery Slope

Donovan McNabb’s play-by-play days might end in disaster. Similar to his professional career.

McNabb, is currently Suspended by Fox Sports and taking a leave of absence from NBC Sports Radio. It’s been a tough time 19093for the former NFL pro-bowler.

McNabb was arrested in late June, for an alleged DUI, involving his wife’s vehicle. There were no injuries reported, but officers smelt alcohol on McNabb’s breath and slurred speech.

“It is important that Donovan use this time as best he can to resolve his personal situation,” said Fox in a statement released to the media Sunday.

Mike Florio, of, has worked with McNabb over at NBC for the past several seasons. He provided some insight, via his radio show: “There was a story that was released, and I want everybody to be cognizant of it, because I am very aware of it, handling the matter at this particular point,” he said. “But at this point, I have no further information, and as we continue on with the situation, then we’ll let it handle as it will handle itself.”

It’s still unsure if McNabb eats Campbell’s Chunky Soup, or not:

Bengals: Dalton Booed, Doubt Continues to Grow

You would think that the town you play football in has your back. Especially if your the starting quarterback. dalton1

Apparently not.

Cincinnati Bengal’s quarterback, Andy Dalton, was booed while making an appearance at Great American Ball Park in the Queen City. So, I guess, success isn’t no longer measure by a playoff berth, in Cincinnati.

Dalton’s track record is impressive, if you don’t look past December. With a woeful 0-4 record and early exits in the post season.

“I’m not worried about it,” Dalton told The Enquirer. “Everybody has got an opinion. It doesn’t really matter. It comes with it. Everybody has their opinion here. There’s a lot of support and that’s all that matters.”

Maybe he doesn’t have to worry. Having signed a six-year $115 million contract, entering into the second season of the contracts duration. Could this be a make it or break it year for the red rifle?

Dalton hit two home runs in the ball game. If you were wondering.