With Brady freed, Goodell and NFL are exposed and need change

It's been a headache for both Roger Goodell & Tom Brady
It’s been a headache for both Roger Goodell & Tom Brady

The biggest news to come out of the NFL today was not a roster cut, a trade, or that the NFL is moving back to Los Angeles. No, it was Judge Robert Berman ruling in favor of Tom Brady and nullified his four-game suspension.  Meaning, He’s playing when the New England Patriots open up the season versus the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the other three games Brady would have missed because of the suspension.

Everyone in the New England area, and Patriots fans everywhere rejoiced as the greatest player to ever play for their franchise was free.  As great it is to celebrate this victory over the NFL, many fans and spectators of the situation learned something. Goodell and the NFL have been beaten again and truly exposed.

This is not the first time Goodell and the NFL lost appeal cases. He’s lost the cases against Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, and now this. This time around, Roger Goodell was exposed for being unfair in the appeal process, as well showing bias. There were even reports that it was the NFL who were the ones who leaked the false information to ESPN when the scandal initially erupted. And throughout this court case, Judge Berman completely hammered Goodell and the NFL for it.

Judge Berman felt that Goodell “dispense[d] his own brand of industrial justice.” Heck, he called bullcrap on the “independent” investigation by Ted Wells.  Berman also believed that throughout the whole “independent” investigation by Wells and the NFL, that it was unfair the whole entire time.

With this huge win for Brady and the Patriots, means a huge blow and a loss to the already big pile of losses for the NFL. Even if Goodell has “universal support” from the owners, said owners want a complete overhaul of the discipline system and not want the NFL appeal this decision. Well, Goodell did not listen, and has confirmed an appeal.

Agreeing with the owners and NFLPA, There should be changes, this sort of hoopla can not happen again. This was by far the stupidest thing Goodell could have made an issue about.

There has to be changes, because Goodell is lying right out in the open, exposed.

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