NFL: Tom Brady and NFL Meet In Court For First Time, Judge Berman Seeks Facts

Brady suit game, 100% on point
Brady suit game, 100% on point

After 7.5 hours, day one of the settlement talks between Tom Brady, NFL Players Association, and NFL in federal court in New York are done. And there is not any progress to a settlement, as both sides are adamant in their positions, but both sides have put out their arguments on day one.

Both Tom Brady & the NFLPA, and the NFL took blows from Judge Berman. For Brady’s side it was mainly the issue of Jim McNally tampering the balls without Brady’s consent. However, the NFL took the biggest blows of the day. Judge Berman continuously asked for direct evidence of Brady’s wrongdoing, which the NFL did not have. It also seems that Berman is “skeptical about the evidence or lack of it linked to Brady and the alleged ball deflation scheme,” according to legal analyst Michael McCann.

<> on August 12, 2015 in New York City.

This court meeting is only the start, and both sides will meet again on Aug 19 for another settlement meeting. But, if both sides do not reach a settlement, Judge Berman will have to make a decision to eliminate Brady’s suspension or uphold it by Sept. 4, a week before the season opener, where the New England Patriots face off against the Pittsburgh Steelers

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