New England Patriots: Patriots Show Faith In Gronkowski’s Health

The New England Patriots are not known for paying money to players before they have to, especially with players who have had serious health issues throughout their career. That said, they are obviously convinced that their All-Pro tight end, Rob Gronkowski, is healthy and no risk as they advanced his bonus payment, which they weren’t required to do until after the season.

No one can stop Gronkowski, as the Colts learned on this TD reception
No one can stop Gronkowski, as the Colts learned on this TD reception

According to (Field Yates) the Patriots had little to lose as they assured Gronk will be a Patriot for years to come by moving up $4M of his scheduled bonus. Originally, Gronkowski’s contract called for a $10 million option bonus for the team to decide upon by the end of the 2015 league year that would, in effect, kick in the remaining four years on his deal. New England took the calculated risk and decided to rework the contract by paying Gronkowski a $4 million bonus now, leaving just $6 million to be paid by the end of the league year.

You may ask why, but if you do it’s obvious you didn’t watch what he did last year. He has become, without any doubt, the most feared TE in the game and, if he stays healthy, could well become the best to ever play the game. There really was no negative to moving the bonus date up. after all:

  • It keeps him happy…and keeping Gronkowski happy is…well, smart!
  • It doesn’t impact the salary cap
  • The move puts a positive spin on training camp and, for the moment, takes the spotlight away from legal issues (Duh)

Let the Party Bus roll as family and fans celebrate, Rob Gronkowski is signed, sealed & delivered for at least five more years!

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