Kensil accusations prove Patriots vs NFL

News broke this morning that NFL Executive and former longtime Jets employee Mike Kensil was the reported main source for who leaked out false information to Chris Mortensen about 11 of the 12 Patriots footballs that were used in the AFC Championship against the Colts were two pounds under the legal limit the balls could be at.

Kensil is the same guy that told the Patriots equipment manager “we weighed the balls and you’re in big f***ing trouble.” If all this information is true it makes it out to look like the league is out to setup the Patriots, which some people already believed. Per reports, Kensil leaked out information to Mortensen who then reported the information which ended up being false and ended up starting this whole BS “DeflateGate” debacle were in now. Reporting false information like this was sure to make all the headlines and attempt to ruin the reputation of the Patriots and Tom Brady, which the league is trying to do it appears.

Setup the Patriots and make them look bad and then have no supporting evidence or actual evidence information to backup what is being reported, sounds smart NFL. The NFL has gone back and forth about things they have said and done and this is another example of the bias the NFL has shown against the Patriots and how they are in a way out to get the Patriots. The NFL and ESPN refused to let Chris Mortensen talk on WEEI about the information that was reported and this whole debacle that has occurred since. Mortensen has not confirmed that Kensil is the one who gave him the information regarding the footballs in the AFC Championship game. (Although several sources have speculated that Kensil was the leak) The league doesn’t want any information coming out from their side about how they were wrong or any talks behind closed doors that they have had to be known by the public but are fine leaking out anything they possibly can that can go against the Patriots in this case and make it look like they are doing so many things wrong. They want phone records from Brady, Jastremski and McNally and anything they can try to get to make it look like their reports and accusations are correct, but wont even let the man who they gave information to, who they let “report”  what has turned into the biggest sports story of the year and most nonsense of all-time, to talk to other media outlets about the situation. To me it sounds like the NFL are the ones who have something to hide and not Brady or the NFLPA.

11 thoughts on “Kensil accusations prove Patriots vs NFL”

  1. It’s all about the Jets who still believe that if BB stays in NY, they get Brady and all the Super Bowls. Patriots stole their championships. Also operative conspiracy intended to ruin Patriot’s chances against Seattle.


  2. Is this true? “Mortensen has confirmed that Kensil is the one who gave him the information regarding the footballs in the AFC Championship game. ” I have not seen this info confirmed.


    1. I have seen Kensil being the source in multiple places, this is an excerpt from Christopher Price of WEEI: D&C host John Dennis reported that NFL vice president of game operations Mike Kensil (a former longtime Jets employee) was the source for Mortensen’s information, noting that Kensil reportedly told a Patriots equipment employee during the game that the team was “in big [expletive] trouble.” Kensil had been alerted to concerns about the pressure in Patriots footballs by Colts general manager Ryan Grigson.


      1. But that is far different from Mortensen confirming that it was Kensil, which is *specifically* what this piece says when it states, “Mortensen has confirmed that Kensil is the one who gave him the information regarding the footballs in the AFC Championship game. ”

        That should be corrected.


      2. I agree with your point that Mort never confirmed this. Its obvious it was Kensil, but it has not been confirmed by Mort. Not correcting it is quite hypocritical.


  3. Even if BB stayed with the Jets, there is no reason to believe that the Jets draft Brady. Kensil and others were pissed at BB for resigning on the back of a napkin and for the success he had in NE


  4. Mort hasn’t confirmed this, however he hasn’t denied it. If someone reports that my source is Kensil and it is not, I refute the claim.


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