NFL: “DeflateGate” Texts. Are They Really A Smoking Gun?


Ok, let’s set this straight one more time.

I, like most members of Patriots Nation, have heard more than enough from the NFL and all the haters that have the Patriots organization in their cross hairs (again).

As the Founder of @PatsGazette, which has now branched out into the internet with, and having 32,000+ followers on twitter, I seem to get my fair share of haters that want their 15 minutes of Fame trying to prove their arguments (and the Wells Report) truthful. Above all else, the Wells Report can’t even prove itself truthful (If you’ve read it you already know this).

So the NFL and the haters seem to be sticking by the “deflator” text messages between  the Patriot equipment assistant, John Jastremski, and Pats‘ officials locker room attendant Jim McNally as the sole proof that Tom Brady’s knowledge of deflated footballs was “more probable than not”(seriously?) So if that’s what they’re going to stick with after 5 million dollars and countless man hours let’s take a look ourselves, shall we?

Here’s the original text where McNally labels himself “The Deflator”

Screenshot from Wells Report
Screenshot from Wells Report

Well there it is in all its glory! That small excerpt is what seals the fate of one of the greatest NFL teams and it’s quarterback of the last decade plus, right? Not so fast…. the Wells Report dismisses hundreds of texts between McNally and Jastremski as jokes, but we are supposed to take this one single text seriously? First and foremost, it was sent June 9th…smack in the middle of the off-season (good time to go on a diet).

The part of this text that makes it sound so detrimental is the implied context (what the NFL and Wells want you to believe it means) and the placement of where it appears in the report. (You see it was written in such a manner as to lead you to a conclusion that THEY wanted you to reach).

Taken from Wells report contents
Taken from Wells report contents

As you can plainly see, it was put in the report right after the section; events surrounding the AFC Championship game (section III)   Why would you follow up the details of the handling of footballs in the AFC championship game with a text message from 7 months prior? Truthfully if they were put in a timeline they would probably have no correlation at all, would they?  Not to mention that out of hundreds of text messages, it’s the first, but not the only time its used.

What was the real context of the term “Deflator” shared between two good friends that seemed to joke around a lot? Let”s take a look at the  only other time the term was used to try to gain some insight on context.

Screenshot from Wells Report
Screenshot from Wells Report

There’s actually a couple of interesting facts about this text from McNally to Jastremski.

  1. Look at the date,  it was sent during the Green Bay vs. New England game. McNally does not travel with the team, he is employed part-time, and is only present at home games (the Wells report doesn’t bring that out). So technically he could have sent footballs inflated to 15 p.s.I. and the game officials would have reset them anyhow (one could only hope they would have anyway).
  2. Why would McNally send a text about (supposedly) letting air out of footballs to someone that wasn’t even handling the footballs at the game? (That would be up to Packers personell) Look at the text “Deflate and give somebody that jkt”.  Jkt?

So tell me, exactly what does that mean? Jacket? That’s my take on Jkt… wouldn’t you think that’s what it meant?  Remember the diet I brought up earlier? Pretty good excuse to give away a jacket, because it no longer fits, isn’t it?

In conclusion I’ll state the obvious, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell hired Ted Wells with an agenda to stick it to the Patriots. The only thing that they have accomplished $5,000,000 and 243 sheets of toilet paper later is painting themselves into a corner (again)

It’s very sad that I can connect all this with common sense and the internet. Goodell….. it’s your turn.

Yep, kinda like this.
Yep, kinda like this.

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2 thoughts on “NFL: “DeflateGate” Texts. Are They Really A Smoking Gun?”

  1. I guess 4 Owners are holding out for 4 games. The Appeal Advisor for the League is telling Goodell 4 games will make it easier to win the case in Court! I wonder? Maybe The Jets, Ravens, Colts and possible Denver?


  2. You missed something in the “jacket” text. There’s not just a date, but a full timestamp of when that text was sent. The time correlates to just after Jordy Nelson scored a devastating TD just before halftime. After that play, the TV broadcast (which McNally would be watching) showed Darrelle Revis throwing his helmet to the ground on the bench…and Jastremski standing next to him, looking concerned, holding a jacket up but not giving it to the still angry-looking Revis. That’s what the text was about. There’s video online if you look. No mainstream media has covered this at all to my knowledge, despite it being readily available. There’s no mention if this context in the Wells report.

    The full context for the “deflator” text was supplied by Tedy Bruschi, who pointed out that the staff always holds weight loss contests in the offseason.


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